Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two works, a WIP and introduction

Hello stitchers,
a friend of mine has just shown me this blog... the request to join has followed suddenly, and I thank you Susan for having accept my request.
I've fallen in love with Blackbird Designs the first time I've seen their book "With Needle and Thread": then, I've founded a Quaker Inspired blog and launched a SAL with "My Quaker House" theme.
That's my really first Blackbird piece:
Then I stitched that delicious Christmas pattern, House on Holly:

My third Blackbird piece is still a WIP, during a SAL on the Quaker Inspired blog with the theme "Quaker Blackbird patterns". I've chosen Rites of Spring, and I'm having so much fun also changing the original colours:


:: wee bird :: said...

glad you joined Veronica!
your projects are wonderful

Elena said...

Great works!
Congrats Veronica! ;-)

Andrea said...

Oh, I love all of them, and especially your color changes on Rites of Spring! It's gorgeous!!

Karen said...

Beautiful stitching.

staci said...

Everything is just beautiful!