Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A WIP and a small finish

I've been working off and on 'Beneath the Sunlit Sky' since last spring. I guess I thought I'd finish it 'cause the date is 2008. I'll be ripping out that 8 and replacing it with a 9. Our guild is having a challenge contest. One of my challenges is to finish this design - should be easy to do - we'll see. I believe I am stitching it on 32 ct natural linen with the threads called for.

I stitched this for my secret stitcher in the Queen City Sampler Guild. It's on a scrap of linen and the colors are not showing up well. I changed the colors. The antique rose I had matched the Nutmeggie perfectly so the pink, white and green are my picks. I had it all done for about 2 weeks and discovered her birthday is NOT 4/4 but 4/5!!! How I managed to change a birthday that is published in at least 3 places as 4/5 is beyond me! I poked and prodded but I ironed on fusible interfacing and it is not budging. It is being redone and I'm so glad I discovered my mistake with plenty of time to redo. So, if anyone knows someone with the initials E S with a birthday of 4/4 that would love a BD stocking please let me know and I'll happily send it along.
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Nina said...

Adorable stocking!

:: wee bird :: said...

Beneath the Sunlit Sky has such pretty colours to it.Shame about the stocking it is just adorable!