Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birds of a feather.. ..

There has been some Beautiful Stitching here lately...and All the Samplers are just Gorgeous...I wanted to Share with You My Version of Birds of a Feather Quilt from the Book....I Purchased the Book last June and Unfortunatley other things have taken over ...a Wedding Quilt & 2 Baby Quilts of now they are on the home stretch I got this out and hope to get Motivated to get it Finished...I am doing each block as a Quilt as You Go method....I find this is easier for me to quilt on my little machine.....not so tiring on the neck or shoulders...Still have Way to go but I Need to get this Finished so I can Start a New't that sound Familiar.....
Thanks for Looking.
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Brenda said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, I love the pattern and the fabrics you are using! Well done!

t said...

I have no words, I just love it. Congratulations.

:: wee bird :: said...


what a wonderful progress!
keep up the great work :D

Laurie in Iowa said...

Woo... your quilt is wonderful. I've never thought of doing a 'quilt as you go'. That makes much more sense than trying to manipulate a full sized quilt.