Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Sampler Stitching

I had not planned on stitching the little red sampler. I had too many WIPs that I wanted to concentrate on so I decided to let the project pass me by.

But yesterday something funny happened. I woke up, and suddenly I 'needed' to stitch the red sampler, and an entire story evolved in my mind around the I grabbed a scrap of fabric, some floss, printed out my chart, and off I went to my father-in-law's for a crawfish boil.

I'm nowhere near finished, and to be honest, I don't think I'll finish it today. But maybe tomorrow. Then I'll need to finish La Petite Brodeuse and her companion piece because I need all 3 to tell the story of the little red sampler!

Here's a photo of what I stitched yesterday:

stitched on 35 count cream linen from Vikki Clayton using a mystery spool of HDF silk

Ann in Baton Rouge

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