Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beneath the Sunlit Sky

Well, here she is finished at last. I had to change the last digit on the year twice but it was worth the wait. I finally have a piece with my DH and my initials. Sorry about the glare on the glass. The autumn sunshine was very bright.



Pat said...


Karen said...

Very pretty finish! Nice frame too.

Mayté said...

Any body who can help me??

Long time ago I requested be member of the Blackbird Designs blog and was accepted, my name appears in the list member in the right side of the blog, BUT I don't have access to it, that means I'm in the list but not a contributor to the blog and able to post.

I tried to contact the owner of the blog, Sue in CA, but the e-mail address bounced.

Thanks in advance for your help and any advise.

Lou said...

I'm Lou, I'm french, I wish to buy this "Beneath the Sunlit Sky" but how and where.
Help me please.
Sorry my english is bad !
Speak you soon