Friday, January 8, 2010

Sweet Heart from Joyeux Noel

Sweet Heart from Joyeux Noel booklet
40ct Newcastle linen, hand dyed by myself (color 'Primitively')
Silk threads, choosen by myself
(Waterlilies - Cherry Cordial, Belle Soie - Lily Pad, Baguette,
The Thread Gatherer Silk'N Colors - Bronze Age Brown)


Karen said...

Very the colors. Great finish as always.

April Mechelle said...


Brenda said...

Nina, everything you do is beautiful!!

Alma Allen said...

Holy cow! I love what you did with this design. It's so sweet on the tree....and I love your colors! Congrats on a great finish!

diamondc said...

This is so beautiful thank-you for sharing I do get a lot of ideas from bloggers.
Thank-you again.

Nina said...

Thank you so much Ladies, I'm happy you like it :)

Andrea said...

Gorgeous!! Love the colors you chose!