Friday, February 19, 2010

Please help!

Hi Ladies,

A friend of mine would like to join us here but cannot find the owner of this blog.
She wrote to Sue (Wee Bird) but her email doesn't work...
Can somebody tell me how can she join, please??
It would be fine if the owner can write in the sidebar the joining informations!
Thank you!

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Mayté said...

Nina, I'm in the same situation as I apperas like a mener of the blog BUT I'm unable to post as I never got the invitation tu activate my membership.

I have set many mesage to the blog owner with no luck so far.

I have also leaved many comments in this blog about it and never received a reply.

Hope somebody can help us :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,
I don't know if the round is still open. I am currently involved and I contact Joanie who is the facilitator at
Hope this helps. If you can't get in, I think you can follow you just can't post and maybe Joanie will do another round so you could join us then. Good luck and I will look for your names.

Nina said...

I knew Sue is the owner of this blog, not Joanie... Or is she admin here too? :)
Thank you Rebecca!