Monday, April 12, 2010

Where is the owner of this blog?

Hi Ladies,
I'm looking for the owner of this blog, because I have got more emails from stitchers
who would like to join here but nobody knows who the owner is and how can they join.
So please, if you know her, tell her to come here. If she don't have time to manage this blog,
I am welcome to manage it, I have some other stitchers' blogs.

Thank you!

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Melissa said...

Hi Nina,

I tried contacting Sue a few weeks ago but her email wasn't working anymore. All I can tell you is that last year she was going through some health issues and I'm concerned something serious has happened to her.

Nina said...

Hi Melissa,

thank you for letting me know. I'm so sorry to read she was sick. IS she okay now?
I have tried more times to contact her in email, so I knew well Sue is the owner, but as you wrote her email is not working now...
I hope someday she can join us and will be here soon.
Would be fine if she ask someone to be another administrator of this blog.

Andrea said...

Yes, Sue (weebird) is the owner/admin. I've been concerned as well since she was going through health problems last year and hasn't been heard from since....
I pray everything is OK. Will someone post if they hear anything about her?
Sue, you're in our thoughts and prayers....

mainely stitching said...

I thought Sue sent around an email that the upcoming exchange is the last one. Which would mean that new members would sort of be superfluous. Unless someone else took the group over.

angie stitchings n things said...

I know I am alot late but can I still get the Small token reall I am 3yrs late but I like it. the needles and pins one.