Monday, May 18, 2009

Pins and needles

Thank-you Sue for letting me join the group :)

My name is Eva and I live in France. I'm a huge fan of Blackbird since a while and I've been stitching fifteen designs or more ! lol

For my first post, I would like to show not my own stitching but what I've received from a Spanish friend - Silvia - for a three stitchers seasonal exchange.

On the back side, she's choosen a Moda fabric, Blackbird of course !
I know she'd troubles with the finishing but the result is just perfect.

Lovely isn't it ?


Milly~ said...

Silvia did a beautiful job. Welcome to the group Eva.

Karen said...

That is beautiful. Great finish for your friend and nice gift for you.

Aprilblue said...

Bienvenue ici Vava !

Vaida said...

Wow, it's a wonderful present! Lucky you :)